April 17, 2012

things i'm thankful for [tuesday edition]

i'm back.

and that is one of the things i'm thankful for. but, i'm also thankful for the time away from technology. to have a bit of silence in my life. to enjoy the fresh air in my lungs. and the people that i am blessed to know.

to refocus. to ponder.

but let's be honest. we really missed blue's clues.

so, i'm thankful for the time my man took to find a spare hard drive lying around (because, we have those here apparently) & replace the broken one. all while trying to start his business back up.

speaking of him. he is doing so well. so very, very well. i realized that i haven't updated you about him lately. and lately has been some of the most exciting news! over the past two or so weeks, his recovery has taken a turn for the better. what we thought would be a more difficult process (& started out more painful than we had anticipated) has proved to become much more manageable.

i get to see the man that i married, more times than not, when i look in his bright blue eyes. the man that had been lost in sickness & exhaustion for almost two years. the man that makes me laugh. makes me feel treasured. makes me feel safe.

and now, even has the energy to play with our sweet, sweet little boy.

oh, how he loves his daddy. and oh, how i love them.

i have so much to be thankful for.


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  1. Oh I am so thankful he is doing well, (better) that is such great news PTL! Glad you shared that with us and this last photo is so telling!

    Good to hear from you hon!


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