April 7, 2012

the easter bunny: a story.

once upon a time, there was a little boy that loved his bunnies very much.

in fact, the little boy's best stuffed-friend was a bunny. a pale bunny with blue stripes in his ears & on his feet, given to him when he was just a teeny little boy by his auntie lydi. oh how this bunny was loved. ben-da-bunny (named after his favorite ben-da-ben uncle) went many places with--and got lots of kisses from-- the little boy.

and then, one day there was a knock at the door. a man left a box with the little boy's daddy. the box had the little boy's name on it! he & his daddy opened the box and...

inside was another bunny! the little boy was overjoyed. until, that is, he realized something--this bunny was not like ben-da-bunny. it was not soft & cuddly. it was not quiet & kind. instead, it sang loudly, and stomped it's feet like a machine gun.

the little boy did not like this bunny. and so he cried.

he was so sad that the new bunny was so loud & scary. he couldn't hug the bunny or snuggle with him. what a sad situation it was.

but all was not lost. slowly, the little boy began to realize that the new bunny wasn't really a mean bunny. he was just different. and while he'd never be the same as ben-da-bunny to the little boy, he could still have fun with him.

after all, the little boy really liked the easter song, as long as it wasn't too close. and he realized that the loud noise was the bunny jumping! he though this was really neat, and so the easter bunny taught the little boy how to jump with two feet off the ground.

now he & the easter bunny are great friends pretty good playmates. sometimes.

happy easter!



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