April 5, 2012

house tour [part two].


it's been a busy go of it trying to get the rest of the house a little more settled. but, we're really happy with it. and i'm really starting to feel like it's coming together the way i had it in my head.

remember where we left off, right?

well now, it's totally different. so i'm glad we waited to go into our room. here we go!

he's so handsome.
see my cute little desk to the right? it's a little messy since that whole space is new, so i'll show you more once i get it a little better organized.

this is behind our door. it's a large version of our wedding programs. 
see the kitty box liner? they're super expensive, so we used bamboo placemats that nick found on clearance at target. win!
this is not an illusion. our bathroom is really this huge. and, to keep it real, let me draw your attention to the bottom right corner. yep. thats laundry.
boy's sink.
girl's sink.
our cook towel rack & our new shower curtain from ikea. we like it.

we still have some work to do in this bathroom (and the front one). but for now, it's coming along.

alright, back down the hall we go.

this room has had a lot of work done recently. we're not done yet, but it's finally looking like a little boy's room! thank you, ikea.
here's the mobile again. it's bigger in person. i love it.  
little baby poang reading area.
as neat as it gets, for now.

yep. that's mommy's coffee.
and now for the office.

just kidding. it's not ready yet. that's all that i can show you for now. that's for part three.

hope you enjoyed it!



  1. Love it! So trendy. We're traditional by default...meaning, no matter how hard we try to be "artsy" we still end up looking tan, taupe and hunter green. BOO HISS. I'll have to take you with me next time I'm in the mood to decorate!

    1. so cute! i love all the personalized details. great idea with the wedding program!

  2. So, I adore this post! The photos are awesome!
    And the best part?
    How you start us off on one photo and have us "enter the room" with and "head downstairs" or "into the office"! :)
    love it!
    It looks wonderful, btw!
    much love, colie.

  3. sweet sweet bedroom, love the green and yellow, so bright and modern, yet warm!


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