May 6, 2012


today is the fifteenth anniversary of my grandfather's death.

rhododendrons from my grandparents' yard

he was more than just a loved grandfather. he was my confidant. my protector. my hero. my best friend.

i still miss him so.

My Grandfather was a man who died too soon, yet not soon enough.

I talked to you

As I walked through
The yellowed field
To the graveyard.

You spoke to me
On the stale breeze
Then watched me leave—
Back to my car.

Ten long years past
The times you thrashed
In painI can
Still hear your cries.

It wasn’t fair

you died. I, scared,
Avoided stares
From your dim eyes.

Your daffodils
Bloom in March still,
Despite the chill
Of early spring

At home, New Jersey,
Under a tree
They speak to me.

They wish you didn’t leave.


  1. beautiful poem and tribute ashley! it's so so hard to lose grandparents....thinking of you!

  2. I still think about my great grandmother daily. She was an inspiration to me. Beautiful poem.

  3. awsome poem,really beautiful,and so is the photo of the flower :)


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