May 22, 2012

please & welcome.

words are finally starting to happen for the little boy.

he's been adding things here and there (puppy has been in his repertoire for months), & even says daddy now. this is a big deal for us. even though he's almost two, he's never referred to us as anything. & even though he can say mama & dada, he never has. he's not one for speaking, or repeating, on demand.

but now, he says it. da-dee. it makes my husband oh-so-proud.

i, on the other hand, am still waiting for that special moment when he finally decides to call me something.

he may not be verbose, but at least he is polite. he's been saying please for a long time. & he says welcome. please & welcome.

as in, i remind him to say please & he says please. i remind him to say thank you & he says welcome. though it sounds a little more like weh-com.

but it doesn't matter, because he's trying. & that makes for one proud mama.



  1. <3 Hearing their words is so special.

  2. Those first few words- and really, all the words that come tumbling after-have been one of my most favorite things about motherhood. They're magic.


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