May 21, 2012

green thumb things: front porch spruce-up.

i've always have grand intentions of gardening & growing not killing my plants.

for some time now, i've wanted to grow some of our own things (even if it's as simple as herbs). but it was overwhelming at the thought, & stressful in practice. then i realized (because nick reminded me) that with so many hospital stays & caring for our little family during this last difficult season, there just really wasn't time for it.

but now, there is! i've been improving in my ability to grow things, & am really enjoying green-thumbing it (read: my new plants haven't died yet). so this weekend, we added some to our front porch to join my beautiful mother's day flowers.

tomato plant. i hope it's not too small (it's bigger in person). here's hoping for fresh tomatoes this summer!
if this makes it, i will be so, so proud.

mint & rosemary. hurray for hearty herbs.
i love our sweet little porch.
just because they're still alive doesn't mean i consider myself an expert. or even good at this. so, if you have any advice at all, please share it!



  1. yes there is a season and a time for everything and I'm so happy you get to have some little gardens, they are cute:) I love your porch too...:)

  2. I've been wanting to grow a few of my own things too! In fact, I have a kitchen garden growing as we speak with TONS of herbs. Be careful with your mint. It likes to grow, and grow, and grow. You're little pot will be overflowing sooner than you think! Your plants really spruce up your porch. I LOVE IT!

  3. Love your plants. We planted a few flowers after mothers day and they are still alive, for us that is a miracle. ha. last year we planted a pot full of herbs but then the big drought hit Texas & they didn't stand a chance. Praying for rain this summer & lots of it so our flowers will stay around.


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