May 21, 2012

scenes from the weekend.

i hope this monday is treating you well!

this weekend was much more relaxing than i thought it was going to be. for that, i'm thankful. because boy, we needed it.

first, we did a little cleaning & resting.

then we took a quick family trip to the thrift store.

which included looking through lots of books & a quick jam session.

i would have liked to scour more of the store, but with a sleepy toddler & lunch time approaching, we didn't have the time.

but that's okay, because the yarn i found was the perfect color for a little project i've been wanting to do in c.'s room (blog post to follow), & i am super excited about my lee smith book. i love her.

someone took a crazy long nap & instead of being OCD about all of the things i needed to get done around the house, i did this.

by the end of the night, i knocked two things off of my crafting-to-do list. & am very pleased with them. & can't wait to show you. but they'll come later this week.

on sunday, we all took a looooong nap (i hardly ever take naps, so when i do, it's pretty glorious). & i got some more exciting things checked off my list. they'll come tomorrow.

it ended up being the most relaxing/productive/peaceful few days we've had in awhile. i hope we can take the time to just enjoy each other & de-stress our little lives more often. because, it was pretty wonderful.

what did you do this weekend?


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  1. Filled weekend in the simplest, beautiful memory maker ways.


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