May 11, 2012

scenes from the week: new jersey [part two].

between the long car ride, party planning & catching a nasty bug, there wasn't much free time. but here are a few snapshots from the rest of our time in jersey.

there was a lot of this. in between the exhausted bouts of running like a crazy man.
this guy got a good workout, i think. c. misses his bo already.
c. enjoyed the view while we stayed at our aunt's house.
he chased the cats into the barn. i don't think he understood they didn't like being tackled (his kitty does). 
instead he talked to them. & waved at them. & talked some more.
we got to spend a little time with my mom & grama over at my grandparent's house. where i grew up.

i planted this tree when i was a little girl.

he didn't have any toys outside. so he improvised. 

in new jersey, when a place looks like this, it means the pizza is goood.
full belly, full weekend.
next up: maryland.


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  1. Aww! I love all the photos, Ash!
    C. looks like he had fun ... and got plenty of sleep.
    I think it was really neat that the tree you planted as a little girl is still there. :)
    Ttys, dear!


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