June 4, 2012

CLS :: two years.

today, our sweet boy turns two.

he is sweet, polite, sensitive, funny, kind, friendly, easy-going, and has had rhythm since before he could crawl.

he loves music. and puppies. all animals, really, but especially puppies (really big full-grown puppies are even better). he's never met a stranger--he loves meeting new people and makes quick friends. he may not talk much, but he his smart. he's focused and detail-oriented like his daddy. he's gushy like his mama.

we are so, so proud of him. and so thankful that we are allowed to be his parents. he has brought us such joy in these two years. we couldn't imagine life without him.

so please bear with this proud, proud mama on a trip down memory lane.

these were taken on my due date, may 28. i was a week late. and yes, i got bigger.

just born. 9 lbs. 8 oz. 23 1/2 inches long. (read: monster baby). at least we figured out why i looked like a whale.

best friends. for real.

happy happy birthday, dear coen lewis. we love you so much, and are excited to help you grow into the man god calls you to be. we are so honored to be able to walk this journey with you. 

here's to many more years with this precious little face.



  1. happy birthday, coen!!! what a special mama you've got! xoxo

  2. happy happy birthday to your sweet baby boy!!! You've really gotten some amazing pics through those two years!!! Love that naked one with him and pooch:)

  3. so precious! Happy Birthday Coen!

  4. Lady, you are too cute in your pictures on your due date! Happy birthday to your sweet little guy! Hope y'all had a great day together!

  5. Oh good heavens, there has never been a cuter little boy! Happy Birthday Coen!

  6. Oh, adore it. Late happy birthday to him!


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