June 7, 2012

diy: yarn & felt wreath.

i've been seeing all kinds of these beauties since last year, and have been waiting just as long to make my own. i've even had all my supplies for months.

it was worth the wait, though. i love it.

maybe eventually i'll get the hang of taking step-by-step pictures of my crafts. but for now, i get too engrossed in trying to figure out what i'm doing to take a minute to snap any photos. these are the best i've got. at least it sets the scene for you, if nothing else.

yes, you've seen this photo before. 
one of my crafting buddies.
dear crafty friends: please show me how to wind my yarn so this doesn't keep happening?
eventually, i finished it.

yarn & felt wreath
what you need
one skein of yarn
felt squares
hot glue gun
straw wreath (these are my favorite because they are fat and super cheap)

what i did
1. glue the end of your yarn onto the back of the wreath. start wrapping, as tightly as you can.

2. continue wrapping until the entire wreath is covered, adjusting as needed. cut yarn and glue end to the back.

3. to make the flowers, take a felt square and cut out a large oval for bigger roses, and medium oval for smaller sizes. *note: cutting it in an oval shape will give the petals a more defined look, like in the photo above). if you'd prefer a more modern rosette shape, cut a circle. 

4. starting on an end, cut the oval into one long strip, cutting in a spiral pattern.

5. starting at an end, roll up the strip, adjusting as you go to make sure it's a secure roll and the petals fall where you want them. hot glue the end of the strip down to secure.

6. repeat in different colors and sizes until you have your desired number.

7. once you know where you want to place the flowers, hot glue along their bottoms, making sure you glue a few layers, and press them onto the wreath. repeat until finished.

8. hang it up. we nailed a tiny nail into the wood frame of the window and hung the wreath directly on it. you can also use a ribbon or fabric and secure it to the top of your door.

this porch is starting to look like summer.



  1. Oh dear! it looks like there should be a center pull in that ball (its actually called a skein). If you stick your finger in one of the holes on either end you should be able to find it and pull it out :). I love this, its really pretty, esspecially for someone like me who is a knit a holic.

    1. oh, that makes sense! i'll try that next time, haha. i've always wanted to try to learn to knit or crochet, but i'm kind of intimidated. probably because things like this keep happening. :)

      thanks so much!


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