August 16, 2013

house tour {update}: master bedroom.

i've been wanting to share an updated house tour with you guys for awhile now, but have kept putting it off. the reality is, the idea of it overwhelmed me--i haven't gotten nearly as much done as i'd liked, and the house is never clean at the same time. but the other day it came to me that i didn't have to photograph and share the whole house (or large sections of it) at once. duh.

so, as a way to chronicle our lives in this sweet little house, and in honor of us approaching our third anniversary of moving here (yes--it's been three years!), i'll be doing a short series on what it looks like around here now. it will probably be sporadic, short and sweet, not terribly impressive, and probably only one room at a time.

but such is life, right?

the funny thing about our room is, we've ended up changing things around half a dozen times, having additional people staying with us, having a baby in a bassinet, and things like that.

but now, it looks pretty much the same as it did last time i showed you all. haha.

my husband is so talented--he did all of the photographs/design work shown above. the reality of being the wife of a photographer/designer is that you tend hardly have any photos of your family, or other art from said designer. but the perks are, when they get a chance, you get beautiful things.

oh, and a side note: that photo on our dresser is from coen's room. he snuck in the other day and switched them, to put the photo of nick and i next to his bed. he is so sweet.

we still have quite a lot of work to do in our room, as well as figuring out the best way to utilize the space. but for now, it's working, and it's a light and airy part of our home. i love it.



  1. It's beautiful! So calm and dreamy. You have impeccable taste!

  2. It's funny, because our tastes are pretty different house-wise, but I still absolutely love your space!


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