August 19, 2013

meals for the week: vol. 6

so after a month of cutting out wheat, we've added some back in. so far we haven't noticed a difference, but we're still limiting it a bit. honestly, i feel better without it. 

meals :: 8/19-8/25
monday: leftover stew (slow cooker) 
wednesdaychickpea potato curry & rice
thursday: shepherd's pie (i am determined to finally make this. haha)
friday: chicken, bacon & green beans (modified for slow cooker), easy baked potatoes
sunday: girls' night! (finger foods & appetizers)

breakfasts: yogurt and granola, fruit, cliff & luna bars, berry crisp, egg muffins, smoothies
lunches: leftovers, tuna salads, veggies & homemade ranch, lunchmeat & sandwiches, baked potatoes (loaded/leftovers)
snacks: seaweed, veggies & homemade ranch, cheese sticks, cinnamon almonds, trail mix, fruit, popcorn

what are you eating this week? i'd love to hear!


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