September 3, 2013

meals for the week : vol. 9

this week, it's a "we are going out of town this weekend, so let's use up what we've got" sort of menu. 

we are finally going on a vacation. I am so excited.  

meals :: 9/2-9/8
monday: eating out (double date!)
tuesday: rotisserie chickenloaded baked potato halves, asparagus
wednesday: Korean beef bowls & rice
thursday: Thai-inspired chicken & rice soup
friday: leftovers
saturday: seafood something (at the beach!)
sunday: tbd

breakfasts: protein shakes, fruit, cliff & luna bars, berry crisp, egg muffins
lunches: smoothies, leftovers, tuna salads, veggies & homemade ranch, leftovers, baked potatoes (loaded/leftovers)
snacks: seaweed, veggies, cheese sticks, cinnamon almonds, trail mix, fruit, popcorn

happy planning!


  1. this looks like a great way to meal plan. It's a little bit different than I've seen others do. I'm a new follower by the way :)

    1. thanks! it's taken awhile, but i finally feel like i've figured out something that i can work with. haha. and welcome! so glad to have you. :)


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