September 12, 2013

scenes from the (beach) weekend.

this weekend, we went to the beach.
the view from our balcony. it was gorgeous.
i'm sure for most of you, this doesn't sound like it deserves such a dramatic introduction. but oh, for us it does. this is the first real vacation we have ever taken as a family. and i don't mean as a family of four, i mean even as a family of three. sure, we've travelled some, mostly to see family out of state. but we have rarely gone to do fun things together, let alone take a whole, long weekend, to just enjoy each other. it's not that we didn't feel like it was important--it's just that the past few years have left us wanting for the time, resources, or energy to do it.

but finally, there we were. and while it wasn't the most relaxing beach vacation ever (such is life with a three year old and six month old), it was still a good time together and it was so refreshing to be away from everything, even if it was just for a little while.

we so needed it.
coen's first time seeing the ocean. he was so excited!
little miss just wanted to get into all the things.
she loved it.
spotted these two studs from our balcony.
she decided she needed some coffee, too.
definitely my child.
i swear he's happy. :)
best daddy ever.
headed down to the beach!
mommy even got some time alone. it was bliss.
my little lady. <3 
yes & amen.
now that we've experienced something of summer, i'm ready for fall (read: all the things pumpkin). but really, if i'm honest, i'm ready to go back. for just a little longer.



  1. Your lil' babe looks so happy :)

  2. Love this. And we haven't been on a vacation either- we just talked about that the other day. So it DOES sound dramatic to me! :)


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