October 3, 2014


dear c --

the way you see the world is beautiful. at four years old, you live with such abandon, pursuing the things you love so fully and unashamedly.

you are you, fully.
you never measure yourself by others. and when others compare you, you are so beautifully unaware.
you don't even skip a beat.

and yet, your heart is so tender and always so fully open. though you act without worrying of what others think, you care deeply about consoling others when you sense that they are upset. you are quick to supply a concerned, kind word and a hug (and sometimes with freshly-cooked "pancakes" from your kitchen).

your ability to be so free and yet so sensitive to others is something that i admire so much. and is something that you have inspired me to grow in, just by being you these four years.

i hope this is something that you never outgrow. and i hope that as the years go on, you will always see the best in those around you, and that you always lack the self-awareness that can so quickly hinder your passion and the freedom to be yourself.

we live in a world that so quickly tries to conform you to external standards, but those standards are so often times lacking any merit, and can so quickly steal your joy--don't ever give in to them. because the things that really matter are the things that God cares about in his children, and calls us to cultivate--a humble soul, a loving, gentle heart, and the freedom to pursue the passions he has given you fully and without shame, for his glory.

and these, sweet boy, are the things in which you excel.

you are my hero. it is such a joy to see the world through your eyes.


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