January 10, 2013

out like a lion.

It's hard to believe that we're here already--in January, in the new year.

I love the idea of a fresh start, despite how cliché that may be. New lists, new calendars, new goals. So crisp and clean feeling. So naturally, I've been putting a lot of thought into ways I'd like to improve, and things I'd like to change in this new year. I was pretty excited about getting started come the first of the year.

But life, it seems, had other plans. 

Somebody got a nasty virus right before the new year. It started with a crazy fever.
And then came the weird face rash.
Thankfully, he has the best daddy who set him up a pretty sweet home theater.
Gross, huh? 

Needless to say, it's been quite a week and a half. But after a lot of worrying, comforting, praying and not so much sleep, this guy is doing much better. And today, this happened.
We are so relieved and thankful that he is on the mend. And grateful to all of you who were so faithful to pray for him. We have been blessed with a healthy, happy little boy.

Though this was small compared to what many others are called to endure, this sickness shook me a bit (being eight months pregnant hasn't helped). But it has reminded me even more how kind God has been to us in keeping him well and safe. It's a terrible feeling, being helpless and watching your little one suffer. And it's one that I hope I don't have to experience again for quite awhile.

So while 2012 went out in a similar fashion to how it came in, I am much encouraged to see what this new year will bring. God has been so faithful to see us through so much, and has proved that this year will be no exception, to say the least.

Oh, and I'll get to those goals of mine. They'll just be a little later than I had hoped. As usual.



  1. Every day is a fresh start, sweetie! Glad to see C is feeling better. Hugs all around :)

  2. EEK! So glad he's feeling better. Here's to an awesome new year, and many MANY more play dates! <3

  3. awww your poor little boy, do you ever know what that rash was? so so relieved he is better and OK!
    he's such a cutie! and you are so faithful.


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