January 22, 2013

welcome, 2013.

It's still January, so this is still relevant, right?

I mentioned before how much I like the idea of setting goals to usher in the new year. And so I've been thinking and praying about how I want to approach this new year, and how I can do it so that I actually follow through.

And my mind has come up with 4594258364 different things--from spiritual disciples, to personal appearance, to totally reorganizing (read: hyper organizing) our life. I blame it on hormones.

I've finally managed to whittle it down, to focus on a few things that I feel would help both my character and my daily life improve, and ultimately be more God-glorifying. And while the list goes on and on of things I want to change/accomplish, I've finally narrowed it down to a few, hopefully attainable, goals.

One: Read through the Bible at least once this year. I used to do this pretty regularly, but the last two years I've totally lost it and have been floating aimlessly around between the old and new testaments, without much substantive reading. And it's definitely taken it's toll on my quiet times. I think having a plan laid out will really help.

Two: Read more. Period. Once upon a time, I knew how to read. Okay, that might be an exaggeration of my lack of reading, but not by much. I want to carve out some time each day, or at least every few days to read books. Of all kinds. And actually finish them. Hopefully I can learn to even take advantage of baby feeding sessions to do this.

Three: Meal plan. This is something I've been working on a lot lately (and actually improving in!). It's been so helpful in relieving stress during the day when I have it all planned out, so with a new baby in the mix, I definitely want to get even better at this.

Oh, and last but not least? Have a baby.

I've got this.

I'd love to hear what you're planning on working on this coming year! And also any suggestions you might have for this very pregnant mama.



  1. Goals: Read good books of course. Learn to make summer dresses for the girls, planning out our preschool curriculum / methods, and organize our office/craft room! Audrey will be 4 in April and we're starting to work on official, big girl preschool stuff. Fun times!

    You might want to add to your list: Prepare some special activities Coen can do while you nurse baby girl. I had a few for Audrey that she was only allowed to do when I was feeding Melanie. We rotated between fill-in sticker books (Roger Priddy ones are great), learning to use sissors activities, play-doh, and a few new, special toys. Made life easier for all of us and since Audrey would look forward to those times instead of getting frustrated that I couldn't get up and play with her.

    1. i can't believe she is going to be 4! that sounds like a fun list of goals.

      also, those are some great ideas--i'm going to have to spend some time figuring out what would best suit coen, and that list is very helpful. thanks! <3

  2. I would like to meal plan more too!! My husband has even actually offered to help with the cooking, which is amazing, that would be so helpful and good to do together.
    Have you started a book yet? What is the one in the photo? When are you due hon?


    1. hurray for help cooking! and meal planning is definitely needing to be a priority for me around here in the next few months. maybe i'll try to share what i come up with.

      i'm still working on a few books, but would like to firm up a better list soon. that book is E.M. Bounds Prayer (i'm still plugging along with it, albeit slowly), and it's fantastic.

      and, i have three weeks to go!! official due date: february 16.:)


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