January 25, 2013

"snow" day.

i love the south. and days like today are just one more reason why.

they're calling for a wintry mix that will lead to not much more than chilly air and icy roads. and so, half the state is shutting down early (nick is on his way home from work right now--hurray!).

it started sleeting and snowing earlier, and coen decided to go out to investigate. after all, this is the south, and the poor thing hasn't ever seen much of the stuff.

i promise it was snowing quite a bit.
really, i promise.
he was pretty excited.
and pretty cold.
telling me about the "snoww."
i'm planning on enjoying this cold-weather holiday as much as i can.

happy weekend, friends!



  1. First, C is getting so big!! My goodness.
    Time is just flying by, my friend.
    & I must also mention that I love your neighborhood.
    Those houses are so lovely!!
    It reminds me of when I lived in Dallas. :)

    Miss you!
    much love,


hey, friend! thanks for your comment--so glad you're here!