January 30, 2013

the last days of one.

i have less than three weeks till my due date. when did that happen?

i've had a hard time grasping that it's almost over. it's been a flurry of nausea, toddler life and holiday busyness amidst already full lives. and now here we are, quickly approaching our first meeting with baby girl.

but i want to remember this time. 

because no matter how exhausting, discouraging or emotional pregnancy can be (and motherhood for that matter), it is that much more incredible. and it is one that i feel so blessed to be able experience.

there is something so special about the time shared between a mother and her unborn child. and there is something equally special about those last few days, when little ones are still your only ones. before they suddenly grow overnight, in comparison to the new arrival. and i want to savor as much of it as i can.

i want to remember how well coen cared for me while i was so sick or sore--making sure i was okay by covering me up with blankets, whispering to me in his little language and patting my face.

i want to remember how extra-active baby girl is compared to her brother. how her little feet and legs can be felt so clearly through my skin as they fight for more room. how she already has such a personality. how quickly she's become a part of our family.

i asked my sister-n-law if she would take some maternity photos, and i'm so glad that i did. i've never been a huge fan of maternity shoots. while i love the idea, most of them just aren't my style. but thanks to pinterest, i was given hope, and missy graciously agreed.

and oh my goodness, i love them. here are a few of my favorites.

so this part of my attempt to remember the little things. the last days of having one. the first days of a whole new season.

i want to remember this, and one day be able to share what joy these children have brought me so early on.

because i already love them both fiercely.


*photo credit: photography by melissa joy. be sure to check her out. :)


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