August 1, 2013

little bits of lately.

it feels as if we've been laying low and staying really busy all at the same time. but i think that might just be a new part of normal life with two little ones.

and, likewise, pretty much all of the snapshots i've gotten are of them, as well. :)
they are growing so quickly. coen is talking more and more (finally!) and his little personality is so funny. norah is out of control. she is huge, and is determined to be fully mobile as soon as possible (and by that, i mean soon). she loves her brother. and her daddy. and her toys. 

and her cat. he, on the other hand, is still mad that she exists. oh well.

becoming a family of four has brought its share of challenges, exhaustion, emotions and adjusting. but it has brought so much more that is good. we are reminded so often of the kindness of god when we peer into these smiling little faces. we can't help but swell with joy when we see our blessings before us--and how far he has brought us.

how grateful we are that we stand here today, and can attest to god's mercy and faithfulness in such a precious way.


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  1. Those pictures are so precious. And that first paragraph is exactly how it feels around here, too.


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