October 5, 2014


dear c and n--

i miss you when you're gone.
even when you're gone for just a little bit.

i hope when you're grown it will be easier to give you enough space to let you live your lives in the way that God calls you to, even if it draws you far from where we are.

but there's not grace for that yet.
and so today, i miss you both.

your giggles.
your hugs.
and even the incessant questions (that's all you, c. :)).

it's so quiet here without you. and the quiet is just another reminder that you're not here with me. of the abundance of life that your little bodies leave in their wakes.

and so sometimes, when you're gone, the quiet isn't quiet at all. it's loud.
a reminder that there are parts of my heart absent from this place.

but reunions, they are always sweet.
and i hope, no matter where you go, they will always be.


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