January 9, 2015

oh, hey 2015.

happy new year! (give or take a week.)

i've missed this blog. but my absence has ended up being a good thing, i think, and i feel refreshed and excited for this new year.

life has been flying by, and small people are growing up. we're getting more settled into our new(ish) home and the space has been even more beneficial than i had imagined it would be. we survived the busy holidays and so far have stayed pretty healthy--a fact that i am not taking for granted, as health still seems like more of a novelty around here than a given.

this new season has brought strange and different challenges, in areas that i didn't expect. but we are learning and growing and settling into this new rhythm of life we've found ourselves in. some of us more gracefully than others, and i admit that probably doesn't include me.

but despite the (new, normal) hardships of life, we have been able to experience grace in large amounts, and in many ways. and really, because of that, life has been sweet.

isn't it always, though? 


photo credit: misi photo.

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  1. I'm glad you're back :) And I love this photos!


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