April 23, 2015

(turkey) bacon & egg salad.

i haven't shared a recipe in what seems like forever. i think it's a good indication of my life right now when it comes to cooking. i haven't thrown much of anything new into the mix, aside from a few failed attempts at new recipes from pinterest.

but! i've got one for you. and really the credit goes to my husband who, when i was getting ready to try my hand at egg salad for the first time in over a year, said, "why don't you throw some turkey bacon in there?"


it was one of those moments that made me rethink life, as if the skies cleared and possibilities seemed endless. okay, not really. but you get the idea.

because why have i not thought of this before? and more importantly, why has hardly anyone else? (i have much higher expectations for other cooks out there than myself, and my often-times uninspired meals.)

so we tried it.
and loved it.

so i wrote it down. and then i had to wait until the next time i made it so i would actually measure things instead of throwing them in emotionally and dramatically, so i could write it down.

you missed me, didn't you.

(turkey) bacon & egg salad.
serves quite a bit

10 eggs
1/2 pack turkey bacon, chopped
1/4 tsp garlic powder
3 tbsp mayonnaise
salt & pepper, to taste

in a medium-sized saucepan, hard-boil the eggs for 11 minutes, then shock in a bowl of ice water. note: i've tried a few different methods, but the hot start method is by far my favorite method.

while the eggs are cooking (and cooling), cook the turkey bacon in a skillet on medium heat, stirring frequently. once it's crispy, remove from heat and set aside.

peel eggs and chop them up roughly. in a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well with a spoon.

serve chilled, any way you like!


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  1. sounds super yummy...will have to try soon!


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