October 1, 2013

31 days on seeing beauty (in yourself & others).

not too long ago, i wrote this post.

a post about my insecurities and my struggle to accept myself for who i am (and without makeup). about learning to see my fresh face with a little more beauty, and to embrace the person that I was created to be.

and, to be honest, this topic stretched me. 

because this is not the sort of thing i usually write about. and because learning to see yourself as beautiful, just as you are, in this world that we live in, is hard. it's hard to wade through the promotion of perfection and the thousands of others we have to compare ourselves to every day without feeling left wanting.

whether you are thin or not, young or old (or getting old), married or single, a mother or not--it's something we all struggle with, in our own way. and, i think it's time we break free from it.

free from comparing ourselves to other women.
free from criticizing every little imperfection.
free from mentally tearing other women down to make ourselves feel better.
free from having our worth tied to what size we are, or how flawless our face is.
free to believe that we can love ourselves despite our imperfections, and others can too.

ladies, we are enough.

and so, i'm joining in on the 31-day challenge to blog every day for the month of october, on this topic. to revolutionize my view of beauty and worth. to embrace who i am and learn to flourish in this body and behind this face. and to hopefully encourage us to embrace ourselves, and love ourselves, in view of who we really are.

we are a soul that is growing. 
and loved,

so that we can spend our our days inspired by the beauty in us, and women around us. to celebrate the differences we have as endless facets of this glorious creation. 

to allow us to take some time to just be.
(sometimes) fresh-faced and free. 

i hope you'll join me on this journeybecause you are beautiful, and i want you to see it too.


p.s. i'm planning to talk about lots of practical things, as well--because there is something exhilarating about putting effort into looking beautiful. and Lord knows i need inspiration, too.


  1. go girl! can't wait to read it!

  2. Love this! I'm excited to read along! This topic has been on my heart a lot the last few weeks - just being enough exactly how we are, exactly how God created us to be - and that can be so hard with all the voices and influences in the world - but there is definitely freedom in wading through it all!


hey, friend! thanks for your comment--so glad you're here!